“Businesses, Seniors, and Community
working together to build a Common Unity.”

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You Can Benefit from a Growing Market

“The number of Alaskans 65 or older is expected to triple over the next quarter-century, greatly testing the state’s available senior-focused facilities and services, according to a state demographer.”

Alaska Journal of Commerce

The Mission Statement of the Anchorage Senior Friendly Project is “Businesses, Seniors, and Community working together to build a Common Unity.”  We accomplish this by helping local businesses benefit from our ever growing senior market.  

A recent senior shopping survey in Anchorage indicated a significant need for better lighting, wider aisles, large print signs, places to sit and rest, working electric carts, and the list continues.  The most outstanding comment was the need for better customer service training when dealing with the needs of the senior consumer.  Many believe they are misunderstood, and more often than not, overlooked or dismissed.  Everyone loses.  

Our goal is to remedy this shortcoming by offering training and support to local businesses that wish to access a wider senior consumer market.  This type of program already exists in the lower 48, Canada, and even Europe.  These programs have received wide acclaim for their success.

What a great opportunity for your business to help our community.  And, at the same time receive added exposure - possibly to a whole new market for your products and services! Explore our site. We hope you will consider the wonderful opportunities and become a valued participant in this project.